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Yuyao Jiaqiao Auto Accessories Co., Ltd
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Compressor works slow

Q : Compressor works slow, it sounds stopped frequently. Video as following

A: 1) check if the car was started, The sound seems that it's short of power;

2) if power is OK, please check if the screw on motor is tight.

3) put some grease on the gear.


Failed to Inflate a car tire

Q:  Hi I've got a problem with the pump, I used it to blow my sons bike tyre up, did that no problem, went to put some air in my car tyre last night had to turn it off as it was making a load weird noise and wouldn't pump up. I had to take the car to the garage for air.

A: Please kindly tell us following information if any pump failed to inflate. It's very important to us so that we can understand what situation it is.

  • tire size that you are going to inflate
  • Initial tire pressure before inflate
  • how long it takes.
  • Product model No.
  • Failed status description, for example, smoking, no noise, not start up, not inflate to desired pressure, etc

All our car tire inflators can inflate most of car tires except very big tire, or desire to inflate a very high pressure( >3.5bars). Inflating speed can be found in our specification of each inflator Model. Generally speaking, A16mm core can inflate a 195/60R14 car tire to 2bars around 8-9 mins. 19mm core can inflate a 195/60R14 car tire to 2bars around 7-8 mins. Higher pressure means more times, Bigger tire means more time too. Please kindly be patient to wait. Try our metal air compressor if you want it be faster and stronger.

Weired noise cannot be answered that there're many possibility. Anyway, please set the auto stop pressure to 30PSI, and hold the air compressor hose tightly, then turn on the air compressor. Does it inflate and auto stops? If not, please contact our sales representative for after sales.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Air compressor common inflating questions - 11691

1) There is noise and cannot be inflated
The situation description should basically be the following video
The above noise analysis -
A. The pressure inside the tire is too high and the starting power of the air pump is insufficient.
Solution --> Use after starting the car;
B. During transportation, the internal movement of the product is displaced and the motor is stuck in the housing.
C. Motor gear wear
Solution --> Replace the motor;
D. The connecting rod is stuck.
Solution --> Open the shell and install the connecting rod;

2) There is no sign of working when the product is inserted into the car voltage regulator. The buyer still cannot inflate after changing two cars;
A. The fuse in the cigarette lighter is blown. In this case, the watch is not bright. Please check the fuse in the power cord and replace it.
B. The cigarette lighter fuse size of some models is small, which cuts off the power at the moment of starting;
C. Desoldering of internal wires

3) After the product is received, the motor is blocked and cannot work;
A. If you have any question 1) similar abnormal noise, please press 1) analysis and check;
B. Power supply voltage is not 12V DC
C. During transportation, the internal movement of the product is displaced and the motor is stuck in the housing.

EPE, foam, cardboard boxes and woven wear

Pearl cotton, foam, cartons and woven bags, etc., used for safe packaging and protection of products from wear and tear during transportation

EPE, foam, cardboard boxes and woven wear, such as for packaging and protection of safety during the transportation of products not subject to wear and tear.

Polyethylene foam sheet (film), also known as pearl cotton.
Polyethylene foamed sheet (film), is also named as pearl cotton